Monday, January 23, 2006

Lovely, what does that mean

what does it mean
to you to me

is it like the fall
bright colored leaves
or is it the spring
when the robin sings

so lovely
what does that mean
is it the way the wind blows
makes the orchids lean

this way and that
as the air rushes over
the petals and sings
through the clover

and the earth is alive
the bees in their hive
everything sings
is that what lovely means

you look so lovely
now what do I mean
is it that you look like
the girl of my dreams

is it your beauty
or simply your playful smile
that makes me free
from pain to believe like a child

so lovely
that's what you are
that's what you'll be
to me in a hundred years

so lovely
like the portraits of God
in the clouds, the stars, the sea
that's what you are
that's what you'll be
to me

you're lovely
but that's not what it means
I've only given you
my fruitless schemes

examples of what
it might be
but let me tell you
you have to see

your own lovely
in your own life
for each of us is given
his own day and night

For God's love is lovely
and lovely we all are
when lovely we become
in our hearts

So lovely
what does that mean
I cannot tell you
maybe you can tell me

But lovely
describes what I see
when I look past the world
to see God in you, in me

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Declaration of Rights

I declare to you
my worldly and heavenly rights
these are the premises
upon which I stand and fight

I am alive
that I can prove
I have a right to live
that only God can remove

Here may I question
my first pressupposition
that I have rights which are mine
upon which my life to define

why do I have a right
when purpose and origin
escape perception's sight
and run just beyond my mortal grasp

so if from whence I come
and to whence I go
remains in the unknown
then what rights do I know

For then I am nothing
but earth and sod
is this not where we are left
without a true God

If I have no rights
then let me appeal to these
the death of Christ on the tree
I cry out from my knees

For I was truly nothing
but dirt and sod
until breath was put in my lungs
the breath of God

From this day forth
I declare no rights
except for the sacrifice
the blood of Christ

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Rock, The Clock

I will describe
the answers
that will survive

my postulations
of the perfect timing
of our lives
that fly away to the chiming

of the grandfather clock
that ticks and tocks
as I knock
on the stone the rock

that covers the answer
to the quest
the answer to
my one request

beset with doubts
I dare not move
the rock that covers
what I must prove

uncertain I stand
unable to run
as the receding sun

slowly sets to the west
and moon begins to rise
quietly against my behest
darkness filling my thoughts, eyes

silently, all silently I sit
as the wind whispers in the air
and in the soft moonlight
I question the rock with a stare

who placed you there I demand
and no response
is elicited by my command

who hid the treasure
that lies beneath you,
the rock to whom
they did bequeath to

a wealth beyond
all mortal gold
silver and jewel
one which cannot be sold

speak to me
I cried again
tell me of the time
tell me when

were you placed
to guard this wealth
who placed you here
was it force or stealth

that settled you over
what I once held dear
was it me or an enemy
make the darkness clear

yet still in silence
we sat next to the other
one wondering why
the other unable to utter

any explanation
to his fortune or lack thereof
the other to afraid
to afraid to push back, shove

the rock from where
it stood defying him
maybe just maybe, I thought
it is all just a whim

and there is no
treasure behind
there is nothing
nothing for me to find

I turn with impatience
to walk away
but then the rock stirs
stirs as if awake

and as faithless I walk away
it rolls aside
as if to say
if only you'd believed

then you would have seen
what before was unseen

if only you'd believed
you would have seen
that you buried your soul
in this world's make believe

if only you had believed
then you would have known
that you and you alone
buried your soul behind this stone

and properly arranged
a funeral for it
calling out the devil
in his evil to witness it

for it was you who
set the clock's pendulum swinging
tick tocking your days away
till judgement days condemning

I turn and the rock
lies silent as before
what was that sound, I listen
the wind, nothing more

Monday, January 09, 2006

forbid it not, I pray

forbid it not I pray
that I may pass
and go on my way
to the place
that I hold dear
to someone
that's close and near
to the very heart
of who I am
she's found out every part
she thinks as I
seems to feel the breeze
the moon, the sky as I
finding joy in the thought that holds
her in that pale, beauteous light
of the moon as the breeze folds
it's gentle arms around
and gently whispers in her ear
as she stands and silently gazes
at the starry night atmosphere
and the moon that lazily glides o'er us all
silently bringing the night to life
gently whispering to my soul a call
as I pass on what once was a weary way
a path that in times past sadly I had trodden
with a quiet step and lonely heart
unable to quicken the hidden
soul that guides every part
of how I see the road
whether each twist is a treasure
that I will soon be shown
or if that bend is an epitaph
to be written on my stone
dreams some say
are never to become true
beware, beware whispers
the soothsayer, if they do
but I feel, yes I feel as though
she's a dream that's perfectly suited
to me
as if she is the most beautiful
wonderful, delightful fantasy
for how can someone be true
who can steal my heart
with every move
with every look it starts
over again
these thoughts keep racing
stampeding through my head
it feels, yes it feels like love
is flooding me, like a wave she's covering
with her smile, and laughter
and silence that pulls me closer
eyes that like windows
lead to her soul
words that gently
yet firmly pull
me to her
consuming my heart
with a fire
that cannot be quenched
a desire
that's deeper, far deeper
than lust
can you not see
that I trust
my heart and it says to me
as I pass on my way to where
she's standing in the moonlight waiting
"there lies what I desire to hold"
forever and ever until our love
outlasts these earthly molds
"so listen to me I pray"
my heart cries to the soul
in anguinsh to go and stay
with this one who waits
at my journey's end
so my heart cries out to say
forbid it not I pray
that I may pass
and go on my way
to a place that I hold dear
to someone who is close and near
to my heart
to every part that holds
all that I am
all that within loves boldly
so forbid it not I pray
and with her
I will forever stay

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the one shot deal

forget it
forget what I said
I feel like I'm bled out
and dying on the street

forget it
all the lies that I've been
all the times when I
have run away from

If I could sleep
it all away I would
If I could die and make it right
I would
but when you fail at life
that's it
it's over
the one shot deal
then failure
is how life goes
so when it rains
it pours and pain
divides not restores

forget it
everytime I tried
forget me and all my lies
the past is dead
and I wish to bury it
bury the hatchet
and right there end it
but it's alive and breathing
in the people
who live on after the beating
so it's alive and chasing me
breathing down my neck
and haunting me
with a make it work this time
buddy, please
this girl's my friend
don't make her bleed
don't rend her heart
in pieces, you fiend
like I'm a monster
can this really be me
am I truly a monster
deep inside
is that what my facade
tries in vain to hide

forget it
anything that I said
because it's hopeless now
to erase it, it's dead
with it a part of me dies
because no matter how
no matter how many tries
it's hopeless to ever hope again
on dreams that are in the past
my one time friend
so forget anything you felt
and bury me with the past
and melt
all that remains in your life of me
and anything that reminds you
of what you thought we'd be

tortured by all that I never said
forgiveness that I can never beg
from so many that I've hurt
maybe you should make a t-shirt
with a warning to all who can see
that I'm a monster
and I kill all I see
that I'm a monster
who's deadly and reeks
of betrayal and the death of love
but that's the past
please don't shove
that down my throat
and make me eat the things
that made others choke
and cry out in pain
broken hearts, and tears
of hate and love
so many differing emotions

forget it
they say i'm depedent
that I need a girl to make me
feel transcendent
that I have to have a girl
by my side
to make my life
worth while
they say but look at
how you cried
when it ended last time
well shut up
have you ever killed love in you're life
then who are you to judge
I'd like to see your friek show try
at loving someone else
c'mon coward go for the ride
I don't need someone
to stand by my side
and kiss me
tell me it's gonna be alright
but what if I found someone
who's more than that
if I've found someone
who is whole in herself
and doesn't need me
but loves me just for who I am
for me
then what's wrong
my little psychic friend
what's wrong
when I'm not playing pretend
with her heart
and I care
and want to be a part
and share
a little piece of my life with her
I'm not promising forever
just every moment we share
I'm not leading her on
with dreams of a future
my love is present and accounted for
I'm not a "I'll love you forever" loser
because it may not be true
why promise something
you're not sure you can do
so don't rag on my life
until you're me
until you've dealt with the horribleness
of living in deceit
maybe then you'll understand
why it hurt so bad
when it fell apart
why I cried so much
and tried to run away
but don't judge the game
until you've played
because it's painful and sad
when you make the wrong play

Monday, January 02, 2006


Melt, Melt into me
I'll hold you so close
you can hear my heart beating
if you'll hold me too
we'll be alright
we'll make it through
and become one
together we can
stop the sun
from coming up
stealing away with our lives
so melt, melt into me