Monday, February 20, 2006

If you need to, Scream
if you want to, lean
on my shoulder
cry while I hold you

I'm here
for now
maybe not forever
I'll show you how
to cry to laugh
to throw life around
how to forget
what gets you down

If you need to, scream
to the wind
If you're lonely lean
and I'll bend
towards you
take your hand
and hold you

Life's full of so much
trial and error
it's hard whenever
on the wrong side of failure

You taught me to scream
now I'm telling you to
I'll be here so just lean
on my shoulder
It'll all be over
before you know it soon
so just go on, go on, go on
and scream to the full moon
let all the feelings go
you'll survive
don't let the anger
make your spirit die

If you need to, scream
If you want to, lean
on my shoulder
cry, while I hold you

Saturday, February 11, 2006

We are
but we are not
I care
but it's a long shot

to forever
from here
from wherever

the view's not clear
even on a sunny day
the future may not appear
on the horizon

but if I tell you,
you're not everything to me
don't be angry
because I just mean

You're just my moon
You're just my sun
You're only the beach
where my waves run
You're just like everything
You're just like nothing
that I've ever done
You're only my moon
You're only my sun