Friday, March 31, 2006

lean into me
breathe in my life
hold my hand
as we stroll in the night

stars overhead
and everything's just right
I only hope
that tomorrow's like tonight

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


what is coincidence
but the product of
my constant inference

drawing lines of correspondence
to which I yield my interests
quizzically but with deference

to the lines that I draw
that lead me through
the slope of life, the fall

of the accidental
the coincidental

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gold Encased

Prepare me
for the distance
that I surmise
I will travel
between sunset and sunrise
chasing the gold encased lie
that leads to no end
only to another endless bend

Distance me
and I will survive
the throes of the fight
occurring in the throng
of the masses tonight
while I run toward the lying light
drawing closer to escape
and further from impending fate

Follow me
on to my query
on to my quest
the road never ending
but keep running lest
you fail, before the last test
and all your chasing is wasted and vain
self reproachment all that remains

stretch me
to the breaking point
pushing myself until I snap
and fall down in failure
my eyes fluttering back in relapse
my body slamming like a thunderclap
to the dirt and gravel beneath
the dust crowning my bloodied head in a wreath

lay me
in a casket
made of iron rusted, but gold encased
to reflect the lie
that in life I chased
the sunrises and sunsets embrace
laying gold over the rusted iron of life
that gold being what I chased in this strife