Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The anomaly of sincerity
from day to day, hour to hour
is solely due to inconsistency
knowingly yet pretending
to not know
the truth that is pending
and impending self imposed doom
upon the giver or the taker
of this forever poisoned boon
of unfaithfulness and failure
the omnipresence of error
that would fain pass on
but to find a suitable song
a note upon which to rest
and my laurels let lie
never again to test
but I surmise that is destiny
or fate rather
that turns my eye hither and yon
leading, coercing me with it's dawn
every day enticingly promising
yet always empty in the bitter twilight
when all accomplishment is vain
alone solely with the pain
of the past days and years
alone with the deepest cuts
all the tears and the fears
that haunt
and will always
that flaunt
my despair to my face
and laugh at my attempts
to change time and erase
the lies that parted our ways
you and I
but lonely I am
lonely again
yet only for the moon
which grants comfort no more
like it did long ago, long before
but now is conceited and dead to me
the moon holds no peace
and the sky holds no destiny I can see
drawn and pushed the tide of the sea
by the moon and it's pulling tendency
to draw me in then let me go
forever and always in an ebb and flow

Monday, June 12, 2006

wait for me

wait for me
maybe I will wait for you
in the darkest night
under the cold hearted moon
when life seems to spring
from nothingness
and color no longer radiates
in the bleakness
forever ago I left you there
with the sun, in the light
happy I thought you were, where
endless day supposedly surrounds
in my mind with the memories
that rush over the dam to drown
me in the moments when
I can bear life no longer
when I await the torrents
the crushing water's thunder
sounds pleasantly in my ear
in it's roar only peace I hear
strangely it holds directly above my head
held back in a chokehold, akin to the dead
as if there's purpose still despite
my hope to erase it and die
beneath the waterfall
that alone can bury my lies
chase me, my conscience
maybe I will wait for you
chase me, like innocence
that I have chased hence
for maybe in a moment of weakness
I will pause for a moment or two
maybe then you can save me
before I cut short the chance to
wait for me
maybe I will stay and wait for you
in the twilight hours
beneath the cold hearted moon