Tuesday, July 25, 2006

there is a God who lives

to feel nothing, to hate the side
that hates what is right
to such an extent to
internally fight
tearing the boundaries
of the mind and soul
desperate for queries
in which are answers
no more questioning
of the unquestionable
as if we can ever quench
what is unquencable
forget for a moment
the lies of youth
listen softly
to the tune of truth
for in the moment of desperation
lies the center that we seek
the unveiling of
that which lies beneath
right before our eyes
in the desperate moment
when the doubts arise
in the endless cesspool
of hate and doubt
rests in peace
truth beyond redoubt
stop now, listen in silence
remember the moments
of the soul's inner violence
in the moment of strife
wasn't peace standing there
in the time of tribulation
hope riding on wings in the air
so forget all thoughts
that have been thought before
that life is filled with endless pain
for in pain there is an open door
to peace and all that is desirable
for the body and mind
for the heart and soul
the devil to undermind
for if pain is his weapon
then only pleasure he gives
to those who understand this truth
that there is a God who lives