Wednesday, August 23, 2006

you break and you bend
twist the beginning, end
cut your wrist to ease the pain
watch as blood pours like rain
onto the carpet beneath you
you can feel it escape through
the slice pouring out the agony
another still unforgiven tragedy
being spilt out of the veins
along with a million pains
that remain inside to stain
the heart, the mind, the soul
leaving an empty aching hole
to dim the lamp of life
to strangle all that's right
within the thoughts behind the eyes
that stare aimlessly lost deep in lies
when tomorrow is just twenty four hours to fill
with meaningless laughs,then life's a deadly pill
like a .45 to the face at the end of a binge
waking up with an overdose and syringe
in your arm, knowing you will die in an hour
it's that moment when you wish for the power
to live, to breathe, to run, to flee, to be
alive for just a sunrise
for just one more sunrise
but you don't have one more it's over

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

just so close, yet so far

we are just so close
and yet so far
the chances are
so small

it's like I've known you
for a lifetime, and you were all mine
yet I just found out yesterday
that how I felt was just fine

but we are just so close
and yet so far
that wishing on that oh so
beautiful star
is all I can do
to carry me to you

so come to the sky with me
dance in the moonlight's sea of wonders
of stars that shine for you like never before
while God looks down on it all and ponders
why He made us so close
and yet so far
to do anything but dance
with the stars

for all we can do
is fly away for moonlight dances
try not to stray from friendship glances
desperately wishing for love's chances

you in your mind
and I in mine