Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's a shakedown
go hide your secrets
clean out your closet
before I find your defects

it's a breakdown
you're my blownout tire
in the middle of this ice storm
that stole our desire

i'm gonna break out
go chase that sunrise
all through the moonlight
till the sun's in my eyes

can you see it
the hole in my eyes
right through my chest
the restlessness that
hasn't died yet

so shake your legs now
run for your life now
i'm gonna chase you down
i'm gonna shake you down

Monday, January 29, 2007

So, what are you waiting on my love?
are you waiting on God to send you
a white knight, on wings from above?

So, what do your dreams lead you to see?
a white mansion on a hilltop, you white knight
galloping up the hillside on his white steed,
to sweep you off your feet making your heart fill with joy and leap.
together forever entwined in a meadow
full of daisies, protected on all sides by tall, strong oak trees

So I ask, what are you waiting on my love?
for I am not a white knight on a white steed
with a mansion and future as bright as these

But I have a dream for us in this quiet seaside town
where we can raise some children, after a few years
when we've seen it all and are ready to settle down

So, is this what you are dreaming of my love?
a man who'll never leave your side, ready for the test of time
all I really want to know is will you be mine,
for forever, we'll be together entwined
I know I may not be everything in your dreams
but you are the only thing I see in mine

Everything cold, dark, and bland

Everything cold, dark and bland
About this world is what keeps me here
For everything else is so beautiful
That sometimes my soul begins to fly
Beyond this body to wherever this beauty is
It’s only the little things that bring me back
When I become cold, and it grows dark
When the lights go out in the park
On this wintry evening
All alone yet so fulfilled
I wish you could feel this
Can you feel the wind whisper
The snow laugh as it dances
The grass gossip about the tree
That sings in the midday sun
Everything cold, dark and bland
Is what keeps me here
And when I no longer feel these
I’ll fly away, like a paper bag in the wind
Tossed with the leaves, dancing with me
Maybe you can see what I mean
if you dance with me
dance with me in the wind
on a hilltop overlooking the valley of life
flee to the mountaintops that oversee
leap from them fearless
then you'll understand what I mean
for it is all so beautiful, yet so cold, dark, and bland
if it wasn't for the cold, dark, and bland
this beauty would levitate me
I pray I never forget to see
this beauty that encircling binds us yet frees
in perfection lifts and in imperfection ties us down

doors of consequences

Gracefully inhibited by time
Constrained solely by a mind
Lacking the will to undermine
The walls that line this hallway
To the entrance of my sepulcher
Graveyard in the making
These bones are for breaking
This body for the taking
These eyes to watch the shaking

Point a finger at him at her
And it’s all the same to her
All the same to him and I chose
This hell to live, these doors to close
Behind me as I run
Away from you away from him
Away from this dim vague perception
Of the pending, converging reciprocation
God will judge before I die
And when I fail, I’ll fail to fly

My body, your body now
That’s all I have someway, somehow
Beauty, I see it easily, I see you’re beautiful
And it’s killing me, taking all that I believe
I am what I was meant to be
A machine, beautiful but heartless
Intricate, yet brutally purposeless

Watch the leaves fall
The winter winds bringing snow
The soft wind’s call
This is the beauty I know
The warm glow of a midsummer’s sunset
In amber painted on the wall of my world
The stream that leaps to life in spring
Freezing to death in the silent winter
A mighty tree crashing down
Impressing upon me a giant going down in splinters
Goliath of these woods the oak falls
And in it’s whining as it cracks
The trunk breaks, answering beauty’s call

Give me a warm white beach
Blue, white foam encrusted, waves
Crashing down on my castles in the sand
The warm saltwater, from my hand the white sand saves

Give me a hammock to lie down
And forget
Give a clear blue sky and white clouds
To shake regret

Wait some say for your dreams my child
And so we wait till we’ve forgotten them
Four walls close us in, mistake upon mistake
Deadbolt the doors and windows, life our life takes

Give I pray, my nineteen years back again
Five but five and I’ll change
Give but one so I can dissuade my soul from leaving
This world’s deranged plane

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've got an evening I'll share
if you have a sunset to spare
just the two of us
to break the loneliness
no, I don't mind if you smile
I might even say it's beautiful
you're beautifully elegant
in a blazing july sunset
this is my evening to spare
thank you for the sunset we've shared
welcome to the night and darkness
yes it's mystical and you, you're beautiful
in the cold warmth of the silver moon
as it plays on your cheeks rests on your lips
I have a night to share till morning
I have a forever to share
if you have a life to spare