Tuesday, February 27, 2007

speech class

shaking hands, quavering voice
thirty pairs of eyes piercing, staring
trembling legs, knees at the lock
vision blurred, glances quick, darting
from person to person, floor to ceiling
no time now to pause time for healing
pride on display, even if you're humble
all ears straining for a single fumble
of a sentence, a word, mispronounciation
the key to falling into failures many variations
cheeks red, throat flushed
sweat forming on forehead, dripping from eyebrows
the fear has consummated it's hold on you now
and will not relinquish it's grasp
as gasping, making another pass
at point number two on an outline of three
one minute three seconds into a four to six minute eternity
chasing down and down
spinning circles into the ground
fall away the darkness sways
and discipline abounds in nothing
nothing ever surfaces at all
directionally challenged
hopes remain unbalanced
in the evening's fall, sunset dying
as chasing we become the difference
wait, now wait for all to find out
following your fading vapor underground
chasing down and down
spinning circles into the ground

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the best sentence ever..

"Infinite mortality in the host of humanity is the pre-ordered zenith solidly establishing our incompleteness."

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stand Alone

Stand alone
Create the spine
For others to cling to
Forsake the supine
Replacing defeat with victory
And in victory find true defeat
At the foot of a bloody cross, at His feet

Stand alone
Be the man, that all those others
Say you can, amidst the turmoil
Rise and stand, learn to be wrong
And learn to be right, when to prepare
and when to fight, learn to accept this dare

Stand, Stand alone
Be the hero
In a story that’s your own
There’s a world in need
And a willing heart’s the key
The first stanza was original
And now I’m just cliché
But remember to thank Him
For this new today

insomniac (the world of broken dreams)

I can’t sleep
It must be my demons
I want to run away
But I know they’ll stay
With me stride for stride

I can’t think
Clarity has since passed
I’m afraid of trying
so I stay up all night denying
that I am a little boy, crying

so here I am
a demon ridden apocalypse
with no brimstone no fire
and why because I have no desire
to be anything, or anyone
who am I, I don’t even care
this life is like grasping for the air
pursuing never finding
or never even trying

so who am I
why am I
why do you care
I’m just the air
Blowing for another sixty years
Faithfully crying over already spilt tears

Chase me now
I’ll dance with you
Like a leaf in the wind
The pageantry of fall
I will be awake tonight
The insomniac arises
I will feel the emptiness
Behind these disguises
And stay awake to emptily rise
Not enough sleep for the insane
No surprise, I’m not sane
Not tomorrow not today

cold for late september

So cold for late September
My body can’t stand the weather
Lost my wife just last November
My dear daughter in that December

And when lights go down, on this side
Of a lonely one street town, when the lights
Go down, I cannot sleep for thoughts abound
Of my pretty little Emily, she was only sixteen
Of my lovely wife Elena, no I never quite could tame her
Oh the songs I cannot play, from the first kiss
Or the matrimony day, seems like yesterday

And when the lights go down, I realize
There are no lights for me, tears fall from my eyes
I lost my world in November
The rest of my heart in December
And now this lonely house, is all
I have left of my home, this is all

So I’ll write a song, I’ll write a sonnet
Search for my heart and chance upon it
In a wishing well, where the hopeful tell
That for a penny your dreams come true
But there’s my heart at the bottom
Buried up to the top in copper

But here’s a penny why not try
To change a fortune, change a life
Speculations all aside, if for a penny
I can be alive, just so they know
That they live on in my life

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This is Bliss

Can you feel that
The salt breeze
Blowing through your hair

Do you hear that
The soft splash
As the waves lap at our feet

I see you in the moonlight
A quiet calm in your smile
As your bright eyes look up
To embrace the rocky coastline

And if there’s a heaven
I pray it’s just like this
And if there are angels
Then I know one is missed

You’re my angel in this heaven
Soft sand as our bed
In this moonlight, this bright night
I can’t ask for more than this

Do you hear me
The soft whisper
As I speak your name

Can you feel me
The heartbeat
That’s bursting out of my veins

You see me in the moonlight
And I am not afraid
Of this angel right before me
In the moon’s sultry embrace

And if there’s a heaven
I pray it’s just like this
And if there are angels
Then I know that one is missed

You’re my angel in this heaven
Soft sand as our bed
In this moonlight, this bright night
I cannot wish for more than this
This is bliss