Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Young I was
As we all once were
Older I’ve become
Although young I remain
I’ve traveled so far
But it feels like the same plane
That face I see isn’t mine
Recognized on the outside
But I can’t see to the inside
Past green eyes that dissuade
Like a winter hailstorm
Keeping me from venturing further
Take a picture and look into your eyes
As a child, as a boy, an almost man
Peer into those eyes and ponder
Do you know who lives behind them
In your body, do you know him
I’m not sure I know him

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Wonder

can this moon be full forever
you know I wish it would
then we could lay like this forever
the way we both know we should

your eyes locked in mine
your hands caresses
send tingles down my spine
hands and bodies entwined

I can see right to your soul
through those pretty eyes
I see that you're beautiful
I say that you're beatiful inside

I wonder, can you see my soul
right behind these eyes
do you think I'm beautiful too
to you, to you
you're the one I want
to be beautiful to

can this moon be full forever
and this starlit darkness never fade
to grey, pale pink, then flaming orange
as the night sky gives way to day

your eyes locked in mine
the world stops spinning side to side
this is what I searched to find
I tell you, you're beautiful inside
your smile says I'm beautiful too
to you, to you
you're the only one I want
to be beautiful to

Monday, April 02, 2007

Believe Me

It's enough, I'll change
for what I want is what
lies beyond my grasp
and my desires have flown
out of my hand like chaff
in the wind, a summer breeze
blowing, blowing through
my skin, down to the bone
like a knife sharp from the stone
skinning away my flesh
leaving all of my agony exposed
I miss you too much
this you already know
even though I suppose
with time you'll grow cold
for me and warm to another
with time's passing I to
will be able to discover
love without your smile
so I will go on and survive
learn to live beyond my lie
but you, you go on my darling
please go on knowing I've changed
you were the change in my life