Tuesday, May 22, 2007

straight from the hip
to drip from your lips
so sweet the bang
so deep the pain
when you've squeezed
the trigger

oh, so long forgotten innocence
they say I'm deserving of
higher destinies then penance
thought penance is all I desire

black hearts that dance to
a dark and pounding sound
shaking the heartbeats into
a disturbed oblivion

friend for me oh friend of mine
cross no rivers to save me
cry no tears to dissuade me
for the nightfall falls on me with a vengeance
and now I must begin forever my penance

Friday, May 04, 2007

If you have forward vision
Then I’m the rearview mirror
You never use, that’s why
Your imperfections couldn’t be clearer
If God listed them

This is your vision
I am only your inhibitions
Wrapped up and tied
With a shiny red bow
Oh I think you know

That your paranoia only draws
You back to me, can’t you see
The empty closet, empty locket
Where your clothes and face used to be
So I’ve drawn the line
You sit and pine behind it
Missing the feelings in
the summer of love photographs

but I am no poet
no stage do I command
I have a simple quest in life
To die a shameless man

Dance, I’ll dance alone to daybreak
And run with the morning sun
I’ll lie awake till daybreak
Wishing this wasn’t how it’s done
This is how love’s done

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I wonder if…
I would cry no
At the end of the road
When my veins were emptied on the floor

I wonder if…
The blackness fading in
Would make me wish for life again

I wonder if…
Half way down
From the bridge’s edge I’d scream
And wish that it was all a horible dream

I am, just that weak
But still so lonely…
only because I choose
To be an only

Too weak to die
Afraid to live, unsatisfied
Petrified by this aching in my heart
That despite my efforts will never subside

I had arms to hold me
Could I go forth boldly?
Do I deserve anything true
I don’t think I deserve you
But I don’t have you, is the irony
And you don’t deserve to have to suffer with me