Monday, July 16, 2007

divide and conquer
dividing my mind
to destroy
the monsters
that persistently persist
to abide without purpose in my mind
i wish that they could discern a reason
and in haunting me become good or evil
for I am simply a soul to cling on
i despis these monsters of mine
for leaving me in limbo simply surviving on food and wine
simply surviving, no purpose in my eyes
so to all those whose demons drive them to defy
gravity and the law of life
be pleased that you have rythm and rhyme
for my monters are unable to define or even begin to find
the answer to the question why?
there's a strange quality
in the deep blue, the silence adds an eerie hue
to the depths of the ocean's blue
chilling is the clarity
where dazzling wonders reside
peaceful but deadly the ocean waves lap the shoreline
the silence soflty pondering what secrets lie beneath
it's unbroken, yet ever breaking surface
I am the antecedant
of the busy worder ant
who climbs the bark of an oak tree
up and up for fifty feet
and tirelessly travels down
continuing on it's destined way
if it must begin let it begin as such
on the corner of waverly drive
with a soft rain falling on your cheek
wet kisses and slowdances on the wet grass beneath
finding a quiet, beautiful moment that we both seek
sought after but elusive, remains this chemistry
that we mixed quite quickly, swiftly bonding
through the look in your eyes to my heart
my heart grasping your soul
with no desire to let go
so hold tightly under this blanket of rain
release all your sorrows, this night will swallow your pain
leaving us with only a newfound peace to gain