Sunday, February 17, 2008

If I could die just a little bit older
Live a little longer, before I grow colder
Light a fire and fan the flames
To change a world, remember this name

If I could die just a little bit older
In the end will it matter?
No, I’ll simply repeat my passing tomorrows
Just growing older with more sorrows
For if who I am has done nothing
Then who I will be, will do the same
And bring tomorrow, yesterday’s pain
Remember, tomorrow is not the day
Today is day, as if no tomorrow
live for this moment with purpose
and no disappointment will follow
to bite at the heels
nip at flesh till it rips, peels away
leaving a barren, bleached skeleton
to face this fading sunset of day

Life is such a wonder
A waste for some
As they aimlessly ponder
Am I such as those who daily think
And think, and think, staring at
the well of life, never bothering to drink
it seems so to me, for I daily sit and think
of missed opportunities of past dreams
that sat then on the edge, now on the brink
of the toilet bowl that I make of life

But time is if anything changing
Thus life which runs by time is changing
And so I change and shift
Slide from time to place to time again
Dream and die and dream again
Live to love and live to kill
All in the same nightmare
But there’s always a way out
For those who are motivated
But not always devout
There’s hope for me
If I but shake my doubt

Saturday, February 02, 2008

There are no worlds,
That will not drive me crazy.
No thoughts, that fail to blow my mind;
For though conscious, I’m barely breathing.
Though living, I feel as if,
I’ve died.

Spin faster and pull me into reason.
Slow down so I can understand.
There are no answers to the questions.
There is no one to hold my hand.

What makes some go bolder outward,
And closes others deep inside.
What makes some explore their fantasies,
And drives others to Everest’s heights.

Hold on for I hold no answer
To why the world spins so slow
Sink down into your only disguises
Or learn to live within the show
Some find reasons to live
Others reasons to die
I found both in my short time
Choosing between the two
Is not a decision of mine
I’m in no hurry to get things done
World keeps rushing, rushing
Till everyone’s dead and no one’s won